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What are National Accounts of Well-being and why do we need them?

nef has set out a radical proposal to guide the direction of modern societies and the lives of people who live in them. In contrast to the conventional narrow focus on economic indicators, it calls for governments to directly and regularly measure people’s subjective well-being: their experiences, feelings and perceptions of how their lives are going, as a new way of assessing societal progress.

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Investigate National Accounts of Well-being for Europe

The results from the most comprehensive international survey of well-being to date have been used to construct the first ever set of national well-being indicators. Interactively explore the data to create, compare and discuss results for specific countries and examine the well-being of population groups within them.

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Measure your own well-being and take action

Complete the survey to assess your own levels of well-being and create a personal Well-being Profile. Sign up to show your support for nef's proposal that National Accounts of Well-being should become government policy. Take action to make it happen: ask your MP or representative to join the call for official statistics on well-being.

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Read the full details of nef's call for National Accounts of Well-being.


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Recent news

nef’s contribution to the ONS debate on measuring national well-being


In November 2010 the UK Prime Minister announced that subjective well-being will be measured at the national level


The OECD has announced its 3rd OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy which will ask the key questions ‘Is life getting better?’ ‘Are our societies really making progress?’ and ‘What are the new paradigms to measure progress?’.


This week saw the inaugural meeting of the first ever UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing Economics.


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