The National Accounts of Well-being website is part of nef’s ongoing work to establish systematic government-led measures of population well-being. In this section you can engage with the campaign in a number of ways.

Measure your own well-being

Answer the well-being survey questions which European Social Survey respondents were asked to produce your personal Well-being Profile and compare your results to the European average.

Pledge your support

Add your name here to sign up as a supporter of nef’s endeavour to establish regular, government-led measures of well-being in the UK and beyond.

Write to your MP or representative

In the UK, Jo Swinson, MP for East Dunbartonshire, has recently tabled an Early Day Motion in parliament calling for “official and regularly conducted statistics on national happiness and well-being” to be introduced. Take action by writing to your MP or representative to ask them to lobby for National Accounts of Well-being in your country.

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