Related research

The development of our proposal for National Accounts of Well-being has been informed by nef‘s wider work on well-being, and by related initiatives internationally. Find out more through the links below.

nef‘s related work

  • The research programme at nef‘s centre for well-being .
  • Our Happy Planet Index which combines data on well-being and environmental impact to measure the environmental efficiency with which people live long and happy lives.
  • The evidence-based five ways to well-being which help promote well-being in daily life.
  • Tools developed by nef‘s consulting arm to help organisations measure their employees’ well-being at work and organisational well-being.

Research using European Social Survey well-being data

  • A paper by the design team of the ESS well-being module, led by Professor Felicia A. Huppertand Nic Marks of nef‘s centre for well-being, which describes the design of and preliminary findings from the module.
  • A paper by nef researchers which uses European Social Survey data to examine the relationship between people’s values and their well-being – download a PDF.
  • A paper by researchers at University College Dublin using the ESS data to examine the distribution of well-being in Ireland.

Related initiatives

  • The work of our partners at the University of Cambridge and the European Social Survey.
  • The OECD’s project on measuring the progress of societies .
  • The EC’s Beyond GDP initiative.
  • The French goverrnment’s commission on the measurement of economic performance and social progress