New nef report 'Measuring our progress: The power of well-being'

In November 2010 the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) will measure the nation’s well-being, “measuring our progress as a country, not just by how our economy is growing, but by how our lives are improving; not just by our standard of living, but by our quality of life.”

Since then the ONS has been holding a national debate about what progress (‘national well-being’) means to people and how it is best measured. As a contribution to both the national debate and ONS’s deliberations about measurement, the Centre for Well-being at nef (the new economics foundation) has published a report: Measuring our progress: The power of well-being This report describes how well-being can be measured and how the data can be used to bring about more effective policy-making.

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